In the debut episode of RPGaymer, Patrick and Jason discuss the representation of the LGBTQ+ community in video games. They break down major stereotypes, critique straight male fantasies, and highlight true queer characters. The boys also duke it out in an All-Star Fantasy Draft of which LGBTQ+ characters they would choose to save the world.

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One comment on “1. The Gay in Gayming

  1. Great first episode for the podcast! I don’t have first-hand experience with most of the characters you discussed, but as a gaymer it’s great to hear that there is some good representation out there! Where was Birdo though?! 😀

    The only other queer character I can think of is Ceyda from Aerannis. It’s been a while since I played it, but Ceyda is a basically an assassin in a world without men and controlled by TERFs. I don’t remember much about the representation, but the graphics, music, and platforming/stealth missions were all great!