Have you ever dreamed of becoming a famous video game streamer, but don’t know the first thing about Twitch? Patrick & Jason welcome their first guest to the podcast, Jett from In Third Person! Jett breaks his initial hardships with streaming, how to start finding your voice, and some technical tips to take your game streams to the extreme! And in true RPGaymer fashion, Jett even has a game for Jason & Patrick to play.

Find Jett online:
Blog: inthirdperson.com
Twitch: twitch.tv/inthirdperson
Twitter: @inthirdperson
Instagram: @inthirdperson
Youtube: JettInThirdPerson

Follow RPGaymer online:
Instagram: @heyrpgaymer
Twitter: @heyrpgaymer
YouTube: RPGaymer
Twitch: @heyrpgaymer

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