RPGaymer Launches Season 2 of Video Game Podcast

February 28, 2022

After a short break, Patrick & Jason are back for Season 2 of the RPGaymer Podcast!

Season 1 of RPGaymer took listeners are journeys galore and Season 2 is slated to be even more adventurous. From special guests and crazy games to huge announcements and… snack pack(?), the new season from these bi-coastal best friends is sure to tickle your earbuds.

RPGaymer tackles everything video game and RPGs from fresh new perspectives while hitting you right in the feels as they discuss the past, present, and future of gaming.

The premiere episode of RPGaymer Season 2—and all of Season 1—is now streaming across your favorite podcast apps! Make sure to subscribe wherever you listen to make sure you get the episodes the moment they drop.

Check out Season 2, Episode 1 now!

Thanks for following along. Now get out there and get gaming!

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